Oscillation Mechanism-equipped Supper Vibration Sander

By adding Oscillation mechanism
Increased Surface Roughness Level
Improved Accuracy level of Smoothness
Extended operating life of abrasive material

Replacement of Abrasive material can be performed with a single touch of a button and that the maintenance is also with ease.
Perfect Trimming Process to prevent defectiveness of PWB Production
Whereas in conventional scrubbing machine (Buff System/Belt System) of the grinding process can be operated by moving the abrasive tool in a single direction at high speeds, in our machine has no fixed direction for grinding operation since abrasive grain on abrasive tool surface is carried out the constant circular movement. Consequently, it makes the surface more resistant to get deep scratch.
Equipped with "Oscillation mechanism".
Vibration and oscillation mechanism can be performed independently or simultaneously. Oscillation mechanism has a beneficial effect on increasing movement velocity of scrubbing tool and operates on facilitating to improve scrubbing capability as well as infiltrate / discharge scrubbing water. By simultaneously performing the both mechanisms, abrasive grains become complexity locus to increase further in multi-directional grinding power.
Equipped with "Jumping Mechanism"
Except for during scrubbing process, abrasive tool is automatically forwarded toward decompression direction and then is automatically shifted to the direction of compression-side after the work is passed through the inlet of machine. This feature allows the work to prevent from rolling in by shifting automatically the abrasive unit to compression direction anytime except during a scrubbing operation and abrasion Waste of conveyor belt can be eliminated.
Circle motion of rotation diameter is extended to from 3mm to 5mm
Allow the evenness and soft finishing of the surface contact (not concentrating abrasive pressure on the local area) by contacting relatively large area of abrasive tool (abrasive sheet) to the Work. The Outside dimensions of sheet‐material as well as a flexible board surface which are difficult to process with the conventional machine can be scrubbed to keep great accuracy expansion since it is soft fit on the abrasive surface with these thinner plates.
・Machine specification
Number of Spindle head 2 heads
Grinding sysytem Vibration by 5mm rotational motion + Osilation
Work transport system Wide endless conveyor belt + pinch roller
Kind of abrasive tool Flat sheet, Ceramic sheet, Fabric sheet
Work size

Max. width 600mm
Min. Length 250mm
Min. thickness 60μ
Max. thickness 3.2mm

Max. spindle revolution 1650rpm(Inverter)
Oscillation stroke and Freq 20mm x 35cpm (Cycle / min).
Spindle motor power 0.75kw x 2 units
Oscillation motor power 0.1kw x 2 units
Spindle shifting motor power 40W x 2 units
Conveyor motor power

0.2kw x 1 unit
25W x 2 units

Total electric power 3phuse 200V 3kw
Machine unit weight 1750kg
Material of body Body frame, Thick steel plate + Urethane painting, Wet part, Stainless steel plate
*The specification is subject to change without notice for modification.

・Standard Equipment
・ Spindle Step-less rotated Variable control (analog display)
・ Conveyor Speed Step-less Variable control (Difital display)
・Option  ・ Plate Thickness Setting  ・ Automatic Pressure Adjustment  
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