Precise Surface Cleaning Machine

MNW-610 C2/MNW-710C2
Emphasizing the operability,
the unit became more compact than ever

Allow a consistent line configuration from heavy duty grinding to finishing

It has been twenty five years passed since Marugen Corporation developed the novel mechanism substrate surface scrubbing machine, Belt Sander which a quite different from the previous wheel system surface making machine. From heavy duty grinding to finishing process of grinding, this belt sander operating with speed and certainty, has been established solid performance and trust providing significant strength to labor-saving for surface processing of PCB and to quality improvement. And incorporating the various past advices from the manufacturing premise, we have now developed the full surfaced new design of Super Belt Sander precision surfacing grinding machine "MNW-610-C-2710-C-2" which has been upgraded further. By making this latest machine equipped with a line configuration, it allows one-pass operation from heavy duty grinding to finishing process which accordingly operating efficiency can be significantly increased. It will be a guaranteed to contribute significantly to your labor]saving and quality improvement.

Useful Application
For making the plate surface, Removing of permanent through hole plugging ink(UV, Heat Hardening), Thickness trimming and eliminating rough surface after plating, deburring after drilling, Scrubbing resin film of build-up plate and repairing of scratch on the SUS Panel

Suitable installation system can be made according to the line facility of your plant apply to machine layout.
Perfect for scrubbing build-up resin film and adjustment of uneven thickness of the plate since it allows performing repairing process of scrubbing by adjusting the level of roughness and swell of the panel.
As this applies wet grinding system, there is no adherence or external dispersion to the abrasive products with reduced amount of wear of abrasive material.
Replacing consumable parts are ever so simple and can be done in a short time by your engineer.

Using sanding cloth allows for heavy duty grinding.
The body is made of monocoque construction using stainless steel thick material that maintains highly accurate process with less vibration. And initial precision can be reproduced by overhaul.
Because using stainless steel for vital part, the body is rust-free and heavy duty design.
Grinding belt can be replaced with a simple operation which allows to change the abrasive granularity (granularity of surface) that is acceptable to the condition of the board in a quick and efficient manner.
By scrubbing at a constant pressure using wide grinding belt, excellent surface cleaning effect is delivered and evenness of surface roughness can be obtained
Perfect Safety measures are provided since no visual exterior explosion of driving part and operation box and machine part are independently separated.

Plate Thickness Setting Procedure

The all plates are measured with thickness measuring machine and any setting can be changed automatically.
For instance, it will allow to perform the scrubbing process equally as any thickness of plates as same way even loading different thickness of plates in random order.
The operator can enter the plate thickness scrubbing surface of central control panel and setting can be switched with Set SW or ON buttons.
The operators can be performed using handle operation with visually checking the current.

Automatic Pressure Control Mechanism

This feature allows the scrubbing process to work with the same pressure constantly which supports the sanding cloth wear and fine thickness error of the board. The current value during scrubbing process can be automatically controlled.

Machine specification
  MNW-610-C2 MNW-710-C2
Max. work width 610mm 710mm
Min. work length
Work thickness
0.4`5.0mm(t0.2 option)
Spindle motor


C/V motor
0.2kw Inverter
Water supply pump
Sanding belt speed
Conveyor speed
Sanding cloth size 650(W) x 2000(L)mm 750(W) x 2000(L)mm
Air source
0.5MPa @30NI@/@min
Machine weight 950kg 1050kg
*The specification is subject to change without notice for modification.

Plate Thickness Setting@@ Automatic Pressure Adjustment@@ Applicable to Thin Plate
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