Precise Surface Cleaning Machine

Significantly reduced machine width! Effective width is 700mm that is approximately three quarter of conventional machine. This creates additional space around supplementary facility side.
Offers Easy Loading System With long apron portion (650mm)
Narrower pitch roller is achieved by combing large and small diameter roll of conveyor roll! Support roller can also be activated. Since there are no slips within the board, sheet board can easily be carried.
Transparent cover is made easily visible of inside the machine and any operational movement can be checked.
Any water contact parts and exterior panel are all made of stainless-steel

Being Fully-Automatic System made
No board thickness setting is required. It enables to automatically measure the thickness and changing of setting can be done once the board is loaded.
It can just similarly be scrubbed even alternately loading a variety of different thickness of boards.
Buff dressing can automatically be performed with dresser board.

Absolutely Applicable to Thin Plate
Equipped with Instantaneous Stop function and Jumping mechanism.

Alarm History Function
Alarm history is displayed on the touch panel.

Buff can be replaced at a time of maintenance only since conveyor unit is placed for each shaft

*Buff can be replaced by crosswise release !!
Designed for quick and easy way to replace using the Marugen special tool and once familiarizing yourself with this will take only 5min per shaft.

2 washing nozzles for each shaft which are right for heavy duty grinding

Applying major diameter bearing allows for High rigidity and longer life duration and bearing can be maintained free without refueling in the maintenance free condition.

Machine specification
Max. work width 600/700mm
Min. work length 200mm
Work thickness range 0.1-5.0mm
Buff dimension 150 x 610 (710)
Spindle motor 2.2kw@4P Step-less control
Spindle revolution 2000r.p.m@Step-less control
Oscillation 350 Cycle/min.
Oscillation motor 0.2kw
Conveyor motor 0.3kw@Step-less control
Conveyor speed 0-6m/min
Conveyor roller pitch 50mm
Water supply shower nozzle 2pipes/1 Buff@8pipes at total
Auto pressure control Load pressure / spindle motor Ampere feedback adjustment function (for all spindle)
Thickness setting Full automatic
Back up roller Ceramic coating on sus solid roller
Machine 3-D size W 1350 x L 2170 (Front c/v included) x H 1100mm
*The specification is subject to change without notice for modification.
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