Printed Circuit Board
fully-automatic 4-Spindle Oscillation Scrubbing Machine

Perfect solution for Multipurpose Capable of Scrubbing Action for 0.084 - 3.2mm thickness
Make Possible High Performance and Low Price provided with Control Panel
Extensive Space-saving Design


Purpose of Development in MDS-604SSC
With the rise of producing a higher degree of accuracy and thinner plate in PCB, scrubbing machines have become more sophisticated and improved in quality year after year. Conversely, the price of PCB drops every year that there is today an ever increasing need to make capital spending cuts. Also come with a big price tag of Japanese products in overseas market causes loosing of its commodity value. Having said that however, we have an acquired scrubbing technical knowledge over the years that the preliminary designs of machines and electrical machinery are being developed. Thereupon, new model of Buff system Scrubbing machine was developed after the design review based on our technology.

Requisite system specification was reviewed and mechanical components were reexamined to achieve a low price.
Mechanical strength (concussion resistance) was upgraded to 150% of our previous products. The Overall Strength was efficiently-improved by miniaturizing the Base Frame and achieving exhaustive additional strength produced by CAD design.
The time-proven conventional system of the Spindle was continuously taken that optimum reliability is guaranteed.
Large diameter of Grease shield Bearing was used for Main Bearing to achieve non-lubrication and long life
Fully-automated Board Thickness Setting Type (full automatic type) was also newly-added to our product line.

Primary Function

  • Laser Distance Sensor System, Automatic Board Thickness-measuring device built-in Loading Conveyor
  • Automatic Pressure Adjustment Setting with Scrubbing Pressure Auto-adjustment mechanism(3 Mode selector switch)
  • Spindle immediately stop for thin plate scrubbing, spindle saving, Counter Shaft Reverse Function
  • Fully Automatic Dressing Function by Specialized Dressing Board
  • Automatic Foot Mark Test (parallelism Test) Function
  • Through-pass (Pass Mode) Setting
  • Spindle Reverse Rotation Setting (Simple Down and upper rotation Switch)

Buff Replacement Method

  • Transverse Removing System@(Exchange Time 5 min/per buff)
  • Marugen System Buff Flange is used to enhance Operability of Release and Buff Rotational accuracy.
Buff size Dia.150-610L (Max. 650mm L)
Machine 3D size L1940mm 1415W 1550H
Machine total weight 1400kg
Electric Power source 3 phases 200v 12 kw
Air source 0.5MP 30L/min
Conveyor speed 1-4.0m/min@(Variable by Inverter)
Spindle revolution 1000 to 2000 rpm@(Variable by Inverter)
Oscillation cycle 300 cycle/min at 50 Hz
Dressing method Dressing board by automatic dressing control
Auto. Pressure contro Loading ampere feed back control system
Work thickness range t0.06/core + copper 12 micron x 2 = 0.084 to t3.2mm

Important: In case of t0.06 and t0.1, it is depend on best match condition for pressure level, transports speed and kind of buff type.
*The specification is subject to change without notice for modification.
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